Non-destructive testing (NDT) and inspection solutions

Non-destructive testing (NDT) and inspection solutions

Non-destructive testing (NDT) and inspection solutions

With the ever-increasing demand for optimum and efficient productivity of industrial and transportation equipment, Azicon is in the forefront of providing cutting edge inspection solutions. We supply a wide range of equipment, accessories and consumables in the Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) spectrum. We have existing partnerships with leading world manufacturers with premium Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) solutions for various major industries including Aviation, Automotive, Electronics, Oil & Gas, Power Generation and Additive (3D Printing).

We offer radiography, computed tomography (CT), film, remote visual inspection, ultrasound, and electromagnetic/eddy current testing products from leading manufacturers. Our scope includes supply, commissioning, product training and aftersales service for all our products. We are committed to providing high quality products with the most advanced data collection technology.

Below is the product portfolio that we provide: –

Remote Visual Inspection:

With industry-leading technologies to ensure measurement accuracy and superior image quality, our systems are built to meet modern demands for safety, efficiency, and precision in the aerospace, power generation, oil & gas, and infrastructure industries.

Ultrasound portables

Our flexible, high-performance ultrasonic portables improve productivity and probability of detection. With a range of instruments and equipment including thickness gauges, flaw detectors, probes and transducers, scanners, and advanced software, we’re making the power of array inspection more accessible for the inspection of metals (welds), plastics, and composite materials.

Eddy Current:

Our portable, rugged, and lightweight solutions, with extensive series of compatible test probes, make your eddy current inspections faster, without compromising accuracy. The eddy current array flaw detection solutions are designed for high frequency surface to low frequency sub-surface inspections for weld, raw material, aerospace (including rotary) and general-purpose inspections.

Radiography and CT

To achieve higher quality and consistent X-ray inspections, our industry-leading range of radiography equipment, films, chemicals, and quality assurance tools ensure better processing quality for reliable inspections, while reducing costs and radioactive emissions. No matter the complexity of your testing challenge, our field-proven solutions are designed to work together seamlessly for optimal performance.
Our premium radiography solutions offer more reliable, faster and smarter inspections. From conventional film radiography to 3D computed tomography, our wide range of powerful equipment and software offerings are designed to address the most critical challenges (speed, throughput, and precision) facing the aviation, automotive, oil & gas, and manufacturing industries today.